"This is gonna leave a mark..."

About us

This is going to be fun.

If you were to pick a group of six people that are prepared, have snacks, and can probably solve a mystery, this would be the group.  Wouldn't you want to travel with this group?  Guess what.  You can.  


Backstory on Tropple Travel's tagline:
Once upon a time (18 yrs ago - Spring Break 99' to be exact) a few hundred of us from the U of M went to Jamaica. While there, Erik challenged a local fellow to an epic dance-off. He basically had it in the bag until he attempted to do a head-spin on a wooden dance floor covered in sand. In our hearts, he still won. His face, however, did not. (See picture to the left) So, much like his epic dance-off, this upcoming trip, is gonna leave a mark. Dance on kids, Dance on.